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Welcome To The Road To Nashville 

Our mission is to create a space virtually where artists, songwriters and producers around the world can connect and grow together.

We offer Q&A 1 hour zoom masterclasses. This first 10-week series will offer a unique insiders view into 10 different artists and their roads to Nashville.  You'll hear from hit songwriters and their journeys, indie artists and what it takes to record and tour their projects, producers and publishers in the industry.   Each mentor will take us on their own Road to Nashville.  They each carved their own path.  That is the common thread.  What are their struggles, heartbreaks, triumphs and the reasons that they keep going and thriving.  How did they learn from other people and peers around them?  How did they start?  What mistakes did they make? What did they do right?  What can they teach us? 

It's always about the journey.  We'll find the answers in the story.


Nashville is known as the kindest city in the  It is our goal to extend love to everyone who comes upon this site on their Road to Nashville.


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Each masterclass is $25 per session.  A portion of each session will be donated to @MusiCares and their #COVID19ReliefFund  You can make your online payment to reserve your spot by PayPal or Venmo below.  Make sure to tell us in the notes section your choice of session or sessions and your email address.  You can choose as many sessions as you'd like.  We will send you a link and zoom call codes this way. Happy learning! 

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Venmo- @Nicole-Witt-2